Tajo Master Configuration

Tajo Rootdir

Tajo uses HDFS as a primary storage layer. So, one Tajo cluster instance should have one tajo rootdir. A user is allowed to specific your tajo rootdir as follows:


Tajo rootdir must be a url form like scheme://hostname:port/path. The current implementaion only supports hdfs:// and file:// schemes. The default value is file:///tmp/tajo-${user.name}/.

TajoMaster Heap Memory Size

The environment variable TAJO_MASTER_HEAPSIZE in conf/tajo-env.sh allow Tajo Master to use the specified heap memory size.

If you want to adjust heap memory size, set TAJO_MASTER_HEAPSIZE variable in conf/tajo-env.sh with a proper size as follows:


The default size is 1000 (1GB).