catalog-site.xml and tajo-site.xml

Tajo’s configuration is based on Hadoop’s configuration system. Tajo uses two config files:

  • catalog-site.xml - configuration for the catalog server.
  • tajo-site.xml - configuration for other tajo modules.

Each config consists of a pair of a name and a value. If you want to set the config name a.b.c with the value 123, add the following element to an appropriate file.


Tajo has a variety of internal configs. If you don’t set some config explicitly, the default config will be used for for that config. Tajo is designed to use only a few of configs in usual cases. You may not be concerned with the configuration.

In default, there is no tajo-site.xml in ${TAJO}/conf directory. If you set some configs, first copy $TAJO_HOME/conf/tajo-site.xml.templete to tajo-site.xml. Then, add the configs to your tajo-site. is a shell script file. The main purpose of this file is to set shell environment variables for TajoMaster and TajoWorker java program. So, you can set some variable as follows:


If a value is a literal string, type this as follows: