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Tajo - A Big Data Warehouse System on Hadoop -

Apache Tajo™ 0.11.1 Release Announcement

The Apache Tajo team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Tajo™ 0.11.1! Apache Tajo™ is a big data warehouse system on various data sources. It provides distributed and scalable SQL analytical processing on Apache Hadoop™.

The release is available for immediate download:

This is a minor release, and we resolved 30 issues, including bug fixes, minor features, and performance improvements.

Some of Highlights

  • Fix GlobalEngine NPE (TAJO-1753)
  • Fix HBaseStorage NPE (TAJO-1921)
  • Fix memory leak in physical operator (TAJO-1954)
  • Fix Client timezone bug (TAJO-1961)
  • Fix wrong message in TSQL (TAJO-1978)
  • Fix invalid sort order witn NULL FIRST/LAST (TAJO-1972)
  • Fix invalid null handling in Parquet scanner (TAJO-2010)
  • Fix out of memory bug in BSTIndex (TAJO-2000)
  • Reduce memory usage of Hash shuffle (TAJO-1721)
  • Reduce memory usage of QueryMaster during range shuffle (TAJO-1950)
  • Improve join optimization to statistics stored in catalog (TAJO-2007)

For a complete list of new features and fixed problems, please see the release notes: