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Tajo - A Big Data Warehouse System on Hadoop -

Apache Tajo™ 0.10.0 Release Announcement

The Apache Tajo team is pleased to announce the release of Apache 0.10.0. Apache Tajo provides low-latency and scalable SQL analytical processing on Hadoop.

The release is available for immediate download:

This is a major release. Apache Tajo team resolved about 160 issues including lots of new features, bug fixes, and improvements. Apache Tajo 0.10.0 mainly focuses on lightweight Tajo client dependencies, HBase storage integration, direct JSON support (flat schema only), and better Amazon S3 support. Also, this release publishes a single JDBC driver jar file separately.

Some of highlights

SQL features

  • Add FIRST_VALUE and LAST_VALUE window functions (TAJO-920)
  • Better TIMEZONE support for TIMESTAMP and TIME types. (TAJO-1185, TAJO-1191, TAJO-1234, and TAJO-1186)
  • Add SET SESSION and RESET statement (TAJO-1238)

Performance Improvements

  • Improved performance of delimited text files (TAJO-1100, TAJO-1149, and TAJO-1151)

Eco-system Integration

  • Hadoop 2.6.0 support
  • HBase storage integration (TAJO-1118)
  • Better Amazon S3 support ([TAJO-1166, TAJO-1211)

Other important improvements

  • Lightweight Tajo client dependencies - Thin JDBC driver (TAJO-1160, TAJO-1228, and TAJO-1260)
  • Support PostgreSQL CatalogStore (TAJO-233)
  • Support Oracle CatalogStore (TAJO-235)
  • Implement Query history persistency manager (TAJO-1026)
  • Implement Json file scanner (TAJO-1095)

For a complete list of new features and fixed problems, please see the release notes: